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RM-K016-Body Shaping Device


Suitable area:

Hips, breasts, arms & legs, bellybutton

Aiming at:

1.Skin firming & tightening

2.Breast lifting

3.Stubborn fat burning

4. Cellulite and stretch marks removing

Technical feature

1. 1M Hz ultrasonic therapy can massage fat cells with mechanical, chemical

and heating functions and make them shrink, thus effectively reduce

stubborn fat.

2. The 8 -12μm real far infrared ray emitted by carbon fiber can go deep into

skin to revive cell activities, speed up body metabolism, thus repair

cellulite and stretch marks, evoke youth and elasticity of your skin.

3. The EMS therapy stimulates muscle with micro-current and force the

muscle to move and exhaust 50 times more fat and carbohydrate than

regular movements, thus greatly burn away stubborn fat without

exhausting yourself by exercises.